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The Thirty-Second Jewel: Thirty-Years behind Market Charts
from Price to W.D. Gann Time Cycles
by Constance Brown

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Opinions strongly favor that this book is the most complete works
of WD Gann price and time analysis in print.
Why? This work uses William Delbert Gann's original charts and
writings to substantiate the methods described.

The Table of Contents is the best way to see the range of study
that many readers say they could not connect themselves after
years of study and purchases in thousands of dollars.

Gann was a master of Price and Time market cycles. His methods
remain valid in today's charts. The Thirty-Second Jewel was written
in a real-time sequence from March to December of 2018.
The methods include forecasts that reappear in the timeline of the book.
Real-time analysis that you can see the outcome through the chapters
is an invaluable way to learn Gann's methods.

Gann book ... (1060 pages, page size - 11 inches wide. 8.25 tall, will be 2.3 inches thick.)
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